My husband Andy loves pie.  Apple, Strawberry, Blackberry… he does not discriminate.   My wonderful in-laws happen to have a blackberry bush in their backyard.  Although my father-in-law slaves all by himself picking each and every blackberry off the bush (;)), he was kind enough to share 2lbs with us!!  What does one do with 2lbs of blackberries?  If you ask Andy, well, you make pie, of course!  So that’s exactly what I did today.  Equipped with my mother-in-law’s recipe, I set out to make my first blackberry pie – homemade crust and all!

Andy came home from work, changed his clothes and said “Where’s my pie, woman!?”… ok, not really.  Instead, Eli and I pulled it out of the fridge to surprise him (even though Eli kept saying “pie, pie, pie” – I think it’s safe to say he doesn’t understand what ‘surprise’ means).  Andy was quite excited to say the least.

I think he liked it… what do you think? 🙂

Thanks for looking.

One thought on “{Yummy}

  1. Oh Honey. You need to come and pick with your father-in-law so you’ll understand about the blackberry “bush”. There’s actually an acre of “bushES”. But I’m glad you like them, no matter how many bushes they came from. And I’m even more glad that you’re such a wonderful wife to my son!

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