{Go Big In Your Home}

Anyone who has been to my home can tell you that it’s no secret I love decorating with pictures!  I love looking around our home and seeing the faces of loved ones.  I always try to encourage people to go big because once you get the photos up on your wall, they’re always smaller than you think they will be.  I decided it would be a good idea to take pictures of all the photo collages I have around our house as an example of just that.

We’ll start in the living room.

The photo in the middle is a 24×36.  That’s TWO FEET by THREE FEET!  The photos surrounding it are 11x14s.  Don’t they look tiny?!

This one is a 16×24. (and a bit crooked… Eli pulled it down the other day and I haven’t really fixed it yet :D)

This is a 16×20.  It’s leaning against the wall resting on old coat hooks.  Get creative with your display & have fun!

This is in Eli’s room.  Love that this is the last think he sees when he goes to bed and the first thing when he wakes up in the morning (given that it’s light out…..).

These are 8x10s… I honestly wish I would’ve gone bigger!!

All of the photos so far are mounted on 1/4″ Foam Board.  It’s a great way to get prints up on your wall easily.  We use the 3M Velcro Strips.  Easy Peasy!

This is in Ella’s room.

The big photos are all 11x16s.  Again, have fun with your display – personalize it and take ownership – you’ll love it that much more!

(and yes, if you’re looking closely, the birth stats are incorrect… haven’t had a chance to order the corrected one!)

So, go order some HUGE prints!  And if you don’t have any that are wall worthy, I can help you with that 🙂

Thanks for looking.

6 thoughts on “{Go Big In Your Home}

  1. These are so great! I love the huge photo surrounded by the smaller ones. Then the one held up by hooks. Brilliant! I am deffintly going to do that. See you saturday! Cant wait.

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