I can’t believe how much has changed since three.

I am constantly amazed by how much of a little person he is.  His ability to converse with us like an adult amazing and his vocabulary is growing like crazy.

We are daily laughing at the things that come out of his mouth.

I love his sense of humor, ability to laugh and joke and his all around silliness.

I love his thoughtful side. His nurturing spirit for Ella & Levi is so fun to watch. He takes his role as their protector quite seriously.

He is Ella’s best friend.  She wants to be just like him and will do just about anything he asks.

Levi is already captivated by him, always keeping a watchful eye to see what big brother is up to next.

He loves to swim, climb, ride his bike, jump in puddles, collect sticks… anything B.O.Y.

Lightning McQueen makes an appearance daily and so does Dusty the cropduster*

His laugh is contagious, but his pensiveness is intriguing. His facial expressions say it all.

He loves space and can name all the planets, explain gravity and still wants to be an astronaut.

If you ask him what his one job is, he’ll tell you. “To take care of the girls.”

He melts my heart with his forever hugs & forever kisses.

FOUR Blog 1 FOUR Blog 2 FOUR Blog 3 FOUR Blog 4 FOUR Blog 5 FOUR Blog 6 FOUR Blog 7 FOUR Blog 8 FOUR Blog 9 FOUR Blog 10 FOUR Blog 11 FOUR Blog 12

and yes, he insisted on pumping my gas for me. His daddy is training him to be quite the little gentleman.

Happy fourth birthday, my little love. I can’t wait to see what four brings.

Thanks for looking.

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