{Father’s Day}

He licks the drippy ice cream cones

He’s Eli’s human punching bag, mattress, jungle gym, etc…

He always shares his cookies…

He rises with the boy, no matter how early it is…

He makes the best pizza

He plays baseball with Eli… lots of baseball…

He’s the best snuggler

He delivers babies

He takes Ella on dates…

He goes camping in the backyard

He’s an amazing story teller…

He provides for us and is always looking for new ways to be able to spend more time at home…

He’s Eli’s example & Ella’s hero…

He’s daddy, dad, padre, father, dada…

He’s Ours.

Happy Father’s Day to the most amazing father three kiddos could ask for!

Father's Day 2 Father's Day 1 IMG_6323 IMG_6458 IMG_6745

I had the kids do a little question and answer about Andy. The results were quite humerus!


And a very happy Father’s Day to my own dad!  Thanks for always being there.

I love you dad!Crofoot Family 17

Thanks for looking!

One thought on “{Father’s Day}

  1. Oh Honey! That is all so beautiful! I laughed, And I cried. He is an amazing Daddy, partly because you are an amazing Mommy, and I am so proud of all of you!

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