{Our Family}

I’ve been wanting to do some photos of our family for awhile now and we finally had the perfect evening!  The plan was to head to the apple orchard and get some fall photos, but since we arrived 20 minutes before they closed (lesson learned: check hours of operation) we decided to take the party elsewhere 🙂  Where else but Asylum Park, our new favorite place to take evening walks!  We had a blast setting up the tripod in random places and trying to get Eli to smile at the unmanned camera!  Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed taking them!

Can’t you tell that Eli just adores his daddy.  Love these two so much!

Last but CERTAINLY not least, our favorite of the night.  I ordered this in a 24×36 on foamboard for our living room wall.  That’s 2’x3′!!!!!!  It should be here tomorrow and I am giddy!!!

If you’re interested in having some fall photos taken of you and your family, my weekends are filling up fast so shoot me an e-mail!

To view the entire gallery, click here.

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