P52 || Week 9

My baby turned 6. He came into this world on his own schedule and nothing has changed since! 😀 He’s all about Star Wars and Legos and this birthday was nothing but! He was beside himself with excitement to host some friends for a party. Life is so bittersweet. It’s such a joy to watch his grow up but I do wish I could keep him little forever.

Happy birthday, Levi. We love you! xo

P52 Week 9.3

↑ ↑ iPhone snap ↑↑

(I was proud of myself for just being in the moment on his actual birthday!)

P52 Week 9.1P52 Week 9.2

P52 || Week 8

My sweet mother-in-law made a basket of science experiments complete with all the ingredients for Eli for Christmas. We finally had a chance to pull them out this week and have some fun. We made elephant toothpaste (lesson: the decomposition process of hydrogen peroxide) and water fireworks (lesson: differences in density).

P52 Week 8.1

P52 Week 8.2

Science experiments were followed by some nature exploration. It was so nice to be out in the sunshine!

P52 Week 8.4P52 Week 8.7P52 Week 8.5

We had some fun experimenting with the ice outside and seeing the beautiful patterns in nature.

P52 Week 8.6

P52 || Week 6

This one just can’t help himself if he thinks he might get a laugh. Wrapping up in a blanket by the heater is a favorite in our house and it’s even better when you look silly while doing it.P52 Week 6.1This one finally found a new series that he’s loving. P52 Week 6.2

P52 Week 6.3Her brother has his coat on, she’s in short sleeves and bare feet. Winter, schminter. P52 Week 6.4

P52 || Week 4

Snow days don’t really exist in our world, but when the snow just won’t stop and we’re bundled up inside our house, what’s better than some warm chocolate chip cookies?!

Levi’s chubby little fingers reaching for chocolate chips, Ella, making sure everyone is following the recipe, Eli, hat cocked, taller than ever taking over the oven duties and some oozy-gooey chocolate chip cookies. Yumm!

p52 week 4.2

P52 Week 4.5.jpg

p52 week 4.1p52 week 4.3p52 week 4.4

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