{The Konopka Family}

The holidays are such a wonderful time of the year.  If you’re as fortunate as this family, you get to see family from all over the country and spend a few days together!!  Thanksmas sure seems to be a popular trend this year! 😀  You probably recognize Rob & Sharon from their family photos last year.  Andy and I have decided that we want to be friends with them… so watch out, Bradfords 😉

The rest of the family proved to be just as fun as Rob & Sharon (and those adorable kiddos!)  Have I mentioned adorable little Will yet??  He seems to have such a sweet spirit (plus boys his age remind me of my little Eli, so how could I not fall in love?!)  I loved watching the sibling interaction.  I also have two brothers and there is just something special and fun about being the only girl.

Konopka family, it was so fun to be able to meet all of you!  Hope you enjoyed your stay in Kalamazoo and had safe trips home!

Couldn’t help but tack on an extra photo of Rob & Sharon.  These are two amazing people.  They have had such an influence in our lives and we are so thankful for their passion!  Check out their website!  They are doing some great things!!

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