{The W Family}

If there is one word to describe this family, it would be FUN!  You can tell they all absolutely adore each other.  Caleb will be moving out in a few weeks to go to college.  Although he’s not going far, his sister, Anna, will definitely miss him!  I love that close sibling relationship.  I can only hope that little Eli & Ella are the same some day!

He is the goofball of the family, making everyone smile (which sure made my job easy!)  I love how mom is hanging on to him.  I’m sure she’s not quite ready to see him go yet.

Anna is a “sweet, fun girl who loves to laugh” as described by her mother and that rang true!  She was up for anything… poison ivy, mosquitoes, wet grass… nothing held her back 🙂  My kind of girl!!

Thanks for the laughs, W family!  I had a great time with you all!

Thanks for looking!

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