{The Austin Family}

Middle of October.  Eighty Degree Weather.  I don’t think those two things typically belong together – especially in Michigan – but this weekend was the exception.  Typically when you think fall photos, you picture sweaters.  Although it made for some great photos, the Austin family and I were sweating!  Don’t get me wrong – I am not complaining.  I would take the 80 degree weather over blustery cold fall days (and definitely over SNOW) any day, but it did make for a hot session!  We met yesterday morning at Asylum Park (can you tell that’s becoming one of my favorite spots?! :D) and found cool leaves, sticks, and acorns.  Phil and Jen reigned their children in like pros and the kids?  Happy.  Smiley.  Talkative.  Just the way I like it!  Phil decided a few months ago that Jen would appreciate a family session for her birthday, so he gave her a gift certificate for a session with me!  What a great idea! 😉  Enough with the chatting… on to the pictures!


There was lots of tickling and playing going on!

And smelling of flowers…

And raspberries…

Such a happy little family!

Aren’t Cole’s eyes just beautiful!?  I even got to snuggle this guy on our way out of the park!!  Aren’t you jealous? 🙂

Ellee’s giggles were priceless!  Daddy definitely knows how to make this one smile!

Caiden loved finding all the cool leaves… and shaking them out of the tree 🙂


Phil & Jen, you have been blessed with some beautiful kiddos!!  It was a pleasure spending the morning with you guys!


To view the entire gallery, click here.

One thought on “{The Austin Family}

  1. DUDE, It’s after 1 and the link doesn’t work!!!!! 😉

    These are absolutely beautiful!!!! Loved spending time with you yesterday and love what you were able to capture!!!

    P.S. Thanks for only mentioning the positive characteristics of our children, and leaving out the tantrums. (We can’t wait to see those pics, too!) 😉

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