{The Olson Family}

You know those people you meet and you just instantly want to become friends and hang out??  That was the Olson Family.  Rachel & Josh have been married for 5 years and you can tell they are still very much in love.  Insert Josiah and you have a perfect little family!  They came down from Otsego this morning to spend some time in the park capturing the fall colors.  Well, the trees haven’t really turned all that much, but it was still beautiful scenery and the morning light was just perfect!  We had a fun time running around the park as I had sticks and rocks thrown “toward” me 🙂  Hey, whatever it takes to get a smile!

Josiah’s pleasure is food.  Ice cream… popcorn… you mention it, he smiles 🙂

Look at this gorgeous morning light!!!

Dirt, sticks, rock.. they’re pretty much GOLD to this little guy 🙂

Rachel, Josh & Josiah, it was truly a pleasure spending the morning with you!  You have been blessed with such a beautiful family.  Thanks for letting me capture it for you!

To view the entire gallery, click here.

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