{The Taplins}

What an evening!  Matt, Stacia & Will were in town from Boise, ID for Matt’s sister’s wedding and we were fortunate enough to get to hang out with them during their time here.  Matt & Andy, my husband, grew up together, so I’ve heard PLENTY of stories about Matt & Andy’s adventures!  It was great getting to know Matt and even better getting to know his wife, Stacia!!

Stacia is training to be a midwife.  You know, the home birth kind.  If you’ve been reading for awhile, you may have had a chance to check out the old blog and read Eli’s birth story & you may have read about our awesome Bradley Birth instructors, so you may know that I’m a big advocate for natural birth.  I’m sure you can imagine my excitement in getting to spend the evening with Stacia and talking birth, well, pretty much all evening! 😀  Stacia just returned from a month in the Philippines where she helped 25 women give birth safely to healthy little babes.  What a great thing to be a part of.

Then there’s Will.  He was the smileyest (pretty sure that’s not a word) little boy you’ve ever met!  He’s an adventurer just like his daddy.  We explored the woods and I think he would’ve stayed out there all night if we would’ve let him!  Will loves to jump, leap, be thrown, do flips, climb trees… you know, all that boy stuff 🙂  He warmed up to me pretty quickly and we had lots of fun!  Now on to the pictures!

Will is a very loved little boy…

Matt & Will were the definition of goofy!

He got some AIR!

I think this captures their family well!

Matt, Stacia & Will,  thanks for making time for us in your busy vacation schedule!!  We enjoyed your company and hopefully we will see you guys again soon!

To view the whole gallery, click here.


  1. Sarah Taplin says:

    Love the tree one, Nicole!!!

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