{The Bradfords}

When Andy & I were trying to get pregnant for little Eli, I did lots of research.  We decided we wanted to do a natural birth, so  we set off to equip ourselves with all the information and training we needed in order to make that happen.  Enter Rob & Sharon Bradford.  They are Certified Bradley Instructors, and I got in contact with Sharon 6 months before we even got pregnant!  She gave me lots of encouraging words and when we found out we were pregnant, we immediately signed up for their class!  We spent one night a week with the Bradford family for 12 weeks.  We learned all about pregnancy, nutrition, labor and the delivery!  If you’re pregnant and looking for an amazing birth experience, I HIGHLY recommend contacting Rob & Sharon and signing up for their class!!  Anyway, back to their photo shoot… Sharon contacted me and wanted to do a family session so we got it on the calendar and here we are!

We met this morning at Crane Park to do some nature shots.  Jadyn needed a little coercion to give me a smile… TICKLING!

Look at those curls!  She’s such a doll & has the girlie personality to go along with it!

Taye & Jadyn hug on command… too cute!!

When Taye & his daddy (Rob) were posing for the picture, Rob asked him what his favorite food was… Taye’s answer?  “The ones without a lot of sugar?” HA!  What a priceless answer!

Aren’t they just an adorable family?!

We packed up and headed downtown for some shots in front of their church & around town.

Bradford family,  thanks for spending the morning with me!  It was wonderful to have another opportunity to see you!  Hope you enjoy your preview!

To view the rest of their gallery, click here.

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